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Messages for Andy & Jo

There are 50 messages:

Message 1
Rich Adams
- Tue May 25 1999

Hi guys,

Welcome back, I hope that you have had a wonderful time in Cornwall.

Thanks for being such great friends, and having the coolest wedding ever!

I hope that you like this Web site.

God bless, Rich xxx


Message 2
Serena McCarthy
- Tue May 25 1999

A wedding with you all over it.
What a wonderful expression of your and our God.
Love ya, Serena Berena


Message 3
Eileen Winter
- Tue May 25 1999

It was good to share your special day - I trust it fulfilled all your hopes and dreams.
I pray that God's blessing will be over your life together in a very powerful way, to create a marriage that is strong, fulfilling and for his glory.
Bless you both!


Message 4
Jamie Parkes
- Tue May 25 1999

I had a brilliant time at your wedding,
I'm sure that you did too,
lots of laughing joking
no one caught the flu.

the food was great
there were no feuds

the wedding cake
made not me spew

Lastly I do declare
God Bless you...

P.s merry Christmas.


Message 5
Sally Mort & Andy Woodhouse
- Tue May 25 1999

Jo - you looked beautiful. The day was great, wonderful, brilliant, ace...
Lots of love, Sal & Andy.


Message 6
Tony & Julia Jones
- Tue May 25 1999

It was a wonderful day and we were delighted to be able to share it with you.
How wonderful that God should speak to you at your wedding!
All our love and blessings for your future.
Tony & Julia.


Message 7
Andre Barguirjian
- Tue May 25 1999

This is really wonderful!
wishing you a lot of happiness and congratulation on your wedding.

Andre Barguirdjain
And all the staff of
Chiangmai, Thailand.


Message 8
Jonathan Milton
- Tue May 25 1999

To Andy and Jo,

May your lives together be as
bright and beautiful as your
wedding day.

Andy, I always thought you
were heading for something

Be in touch!



Message 9
Carina & Grant Van Cleve
- Tue May 25 1999

We're so happy for you two. We've watched at a distance as Jo told us of the unfolding of this whole thing. You sound as if you'll be great for each other and I truly believe together can make a difference for God's kingdom.
Enjoy wallowing in the grace of having each other, and the unending grace we have from the Father.


Grant & Carina


Message 10
Joanna Eyles
- Tue May 25 1999

Dear Andy and Jo,
I know you will be blessed together and will bless others together.
Thanks for a wonderful day and such scrummy food (especially
the chocolate mousse...have you got the recipe??)
Lots of love,
Joanna xxxx

PS. You both looked beautiful!


Message 11
Richard Stevens
- Tue May 25 1999

Congratulations to the pair of you!

Well done!! And all that stuff!!

Hope you had a fab day and honeymoon!!!!

Lovely pictures and you both looked great!

Looking forward to celebrating your silver wedding!

Love to you both

Richard Stevens


Message 12
Fiona Kendall
- Tue May 25 1999

It's been great having you both around + I'm so happy you're staying in Totnes.

Relax + enjoy, you're brilliant.

Tons of love + God bless,

xx Fiona xx


Message 13
Steve & Mary Hutchison
- Wed May 26 1999

We enjoyed celebrating your special day with you. If you need any advice - call us. Chris & Fiona will be happy to supply a reference!! Enjoy and appreciate your future life together.

With our love, Stephen & Mary


Message 14
Francisco Andrade
- Wed May 26 1999

Congratulations and all the best wishes for the years to come...

Chico (from Brazil)


Message 15
Paul Meager
- Wed May 26 1999

Dear Andy and Jo,
Wow!! What a wonderful wedding.
It's so cool to know you both.
I really hope that this is the start
of many happy years ahead of you.
Hope you had a good honeymoon.
God bless you with more of Him,
lots of love, Paul and Francesca.


Message 16
- Wed May 26 1999

Hi Andy and Jo!

I prayed that the sun would shine last saturday, it looks like that prayer was answered!
I guess this prayer thing works, huh. So while I'm at it, I pray that the SON shines on you guys forever! (please excuse the cheesiness)

God bless you two so much.

Lots of love Pearl+


Message 17
Leonie Venter
- Wed May 26 1999

I wish I could have shared this great day with you, but this website is such a cool way to be part of this.
Hope you have a brilliant holiday and that you settle into your new house well.
God bless you lots


Message 18
Carl & Mel
- Wed May 26 1999

Hi Andy & Jo!

It was such a fantastic day on Saturday!! The wine was great, the food was great, you both looked gorgeous!! You too Andy. Hope you had a fab honeymoon in sunny Cornwall. Lots of Cornish pasties and other such delicacies?!! We will definately have to arrive on your doorstep sometime soon.

Love you guys loads and God bless you in the years of marriage to come! Remember the first year is always the best!

Lots of love,
Carl and Mel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Message 19
George Santer
- Thu May 27 1999

I thank God for the privilege of walking with you between that wonderful prayer evening and this wonderful occasion. Such incredible happiness between these two "milestones" of your merging lives!

Very much love to you both.


Message 20
Jon Dawe
- Fri May 28 1999

Congratulations to you both - it was great to share in your big day.
I pray that God would bless and enrich your marriage. It's been great knowing you.
God bless you both,


Message 21
- Fri May 28 1999

Hi Andy and Jo

Thanks for letting me be part of your great celebration at Berry Pomeroy.

May God bless you both in your life together, and may your marriage be a source of blessing not only to the two of you, but to everyone you meet.

In Christ,



Message 22
Alice Cameron-Mitchell
- Fri May 28 1999

To Mr and Mrs Robertson(!)

I don't think I have ever been to such a smooth-running wedding. It all seemed just perfect.
I will forever remember your gorgeous dress..Sunflowers and Cornflowers everywhere..sunshine..the Cup Final!
It was so wonderful to be there and share in a promise fulfilled.
Andy, I don't think I've ever seen a groom grin so continuously! Jo, you are the personification of great taste. You looked like a true babe (and what a good hair day!)
Stay in touch. Much love.



Message 23
Keith Proctor
- Fri May 28 1999

welcome home. thankyou for a wonderfull wedding . your photos are ready!
love keith


Message 24
Dave & fi.
- Fri May 28 1999

Hi Joey & Andy,
I'm so glad the weather turned out so well for you last week.
We got your post card Si & I. Hope your bed's arrived.
See you soon.
Dave & Fi.


Message 25
Becci Wintle
- Sun May 30 1999

Greetings and congratulations from India!

Wishing you all the best in your new life together,

love Becs x


Message 26
Andy Broom
- Tue Jun 1 1999

Hey Jo,

I can hardly believe it. Congratulations on the wonderful news. Did you ever think the day would come. It seems a lot has passed under the bridge since 1992. You have really blossomed. I look forward to getting onto this Web site at some point and seeing the photos. Life is very busy in Albania these days, we have quite a few visitors to look after. I would love to hear how the future looks for you now.

As they say here 'U Trashegoni' and 'Bej nje djal!' hope to see you sometime.

Your leader in the distant past, but no more!


Message 27
Jo Robertson
- Tue Jun 1 1999

WOW...I'm amazed...this site is wonderful.
What a great present. THANK YOU RICH !!!
It's great to read all your messages, it was so wonderful to see all of you who made it to our day.
And thanks to all the brilliant people who worked so hard helping us.
We had a great honeymoon...and we've are really enjoying settling into our new flat...boxes, boxes everywhere !
we are drowning in hundredes of cards and presents...i'm just amazed at everyones generosity to us....i dont remember a time when i felt more blessed...and it just seems to keep going !!
Thank you friends !! We Love you !


Message 28
Andy Robertson
- Tue Jun 1 1999

what can I say? Thank you rich for an awsome present. So evidently made with love and care. What a joy to live in a time like this.. Praise God...

here I am with jo... at number 6.. like she said, showered in presents... its all a bit too much... I feel like im under a waterfall that is doing its best to cover me completly in love... and I think its winning...

We are both blown away by the friends who made it all work... who made it so special... a day in a lifetime...

Thanks you, thank you, thank you... you are all just amazing...

we can't wait to see everyone.

what a great way to spend our lives..

see you soon...



Message 29
Bruce and Nit Geske
- Tue Jun 1 1999

Congratulations on your precious wedding day. Nit and I just celebrated our 7th anniversry 2 days ago. Time goes by so quickly! We trust that you had a GREAT honeymoon and that God is blessing you richly. Nit and I are in the states now, but will be back in Thailand by June 3oth. Stay in touch and may your first year of marriage be a glorious one. Your friends, Bruce and Nit


Message 30
Claire Bulman
- Wed Jun 2 1999

Andy and Jo,

I hope you guys had an excellent honeymoon, the wedding was certainly a great day. Thankyou for letting me share in it.

I pray that God will bless you amazingly in your life together!

Bye for now!

Love Claire


Message 31
Susanna Warren
- Thu Jun 3 1999

What a fantastic wedding day... such a brilliant, diverse group of friends, no doubt typical + prophetic of the people you'll be a blessing to in the future, as a couple rooted in Christ.
Ephesians 3:14-21


Message 32
Richard P
- Fri Jun 4 1999

Dear Andy and Jo
hey guys what a lovely wedding. It was great to see that all the preparation and dedication for your big day was worth it. Andy, it was really a pleasure being your flatmate. I truly learned so much about living with others and the value of kindness. I hope your life now with Jo is filled with love and happiness. Both of you are always welcome at number 4.

We miss you already mate
With love



Message 33
Stathers Family
- Fri Jun 4 1999

We thoroughly enjoyed your wedding day and reviewing it on this website. Just as well we are on the net, at last!
We wish you health, happiness, peace and fecundity in your lives together.
lots of love
John, Frances, Kate, Dan & Tim.


Message 34
Lois Higbee
- Sat Jun 5 1999

Dear Jo & Andy,

I'm so glad your wedding went well!
Sorry that I was unable to attend.

May God bless you both in your new
life together!

What a great idea this web page is!

I'm going to go look at the photos
next. Keep in touch!

Love, Lois : )


Message 35
Ray and Sue Burns
- Sat Jun 5 1999

We really enjoyed sharing the day with you. This web site is brilliant, a great way to remember the day.
We pray for God's rich blessing on you both as you begin your married life together. We hope we see you in the summer when we plan to cone down to Devon with the caravan.

With our love Ray and Sue


Message 36
Alice Holman
- Sun Jun 6 1999

I just got back from Venezuela this morning, and you're some of the first people I've 'talked' to. Isn't England great? I'm sorry I couldn't be there for the day, but I wish you every blessing and every single happiness and joy, and I think you're great. I'll come and see you in lovely Devon soon.
With much love,
xxx alice xxx


Message 37
Martin (Haggis) Smith
- Tue Jun 8 1999

Cool web site. You look totally different that at Uni. (and it worked - you pulled) Hope you're happy with your Mrs. in your new place.

God bless - Martin


Message 38
- Wed Jun 9 1999

Sorry I could not make it, but I have really enjoyed looking at this website. You look really happy together and all the guests look like their are having a great time!!!
Best of luck for the future :)


Message 39
Steph Burns
- Wed Jun 9 1999

Hi, excellent wedding. Had a great time, it was really nice seeing all my family. You both looked radiantly happy and in love.
Have a brilliant life together, God's going to enrich you guys.
Lots of love Steph.

P.S. Hope to see the happy couple again soon.


Message 40
David Beddow
- Sat Jun 12 1999

Congratulations Guys! God Bless you both in your future together. I believe He has great plans for you.


Message 41
Helen Eaton
- Mon Jun 14 1999

Belated congratulations, Andy and

I was sad to have missed your
big day, but having just thoroughly
devoured Rich's excellent website
I feel very up to date now!

God bless for your future life

Love, Helen.


Message 42
Tom, Rose, Seb, Will and Norm.
- Thu Jun 24 1999

Loads of love and best wishes for your new life together.


Message 43
- Sat Jun 26 1999

congrats chaps!!


Message 44
Ali Ansell
- Tue Aug 3 1999

Greetings from Thailand! So sorry to have missed throwing confetti over you both but isn't this a wonderful web site! Sounds like the beginning of your marriage was packed with meaning, love and the presence of God. May your journey together continue to bring you closer to each other and to Him. Love you both - you're a wonderful combination. Gerat sunflowers Jo! Ali xxx


Message 45
Sara Larsson
- Tue Aug 3 1999

Sweetest thing!!

What a wonderful wedding you must have had!!

I wish you everything good in your life together with Andy, and I do hope I'll see you one day again.

This page is just fab!

All my love
The Swede


Message 46
Steve Hannaford
- Tue Apr 3 2001

How are you, have you got any kids yet? Are you still living in Totnes?


Message 47
shirley trowbrdige
- Tue May 22 2001

Congratulations Andy & Jo on your 2nd wedding anniversary. Although I haven't met Jo yet, we have spoken many times on the phone. Hope you have a lovely evening together and hope to meet Jo one of these days.

Best wishes, Shirley


Message 48
- Tue May 22 2001

I hope that the waterfall is still flowing, and showering you with love and blessings. You two are true friends, and the best bit is always your love for each other which shines through thick and thin.

It's been great to see you both grow in your life together over the last two years, and I know that this is just the beginning.

Rest in Him, be strong.

Rich xx


Message 49
toby sleight
- Fri Apr 12 2002

hi there jo
hope you remember me i saw ur web site long story how i found it glad to see u r happy i saw the picture of u in ur black days (made me chuckle) it looks like u had a great day
i got married and devorced i have 2 kids thomas 5 and jessica 2 which i see 3 times a week still (love em to bits)
anyway...hope to hear from u sometime
take care


Message 50
- Fri Mar 5 2004

What a lovely lovely album :-) Just went to your site after an email (I'm the wahmall boss!)
I love the design of your site, clean and fresh and soooo relaxing.

Sunflowers at the wedding, what a great idea, cool!
all the very best





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